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Solar Energy Sunlight is the primary source of energy on earth and is harnessed through various natural and synthetic processes.

Photovoltaic Panels The photovoltaic panels on the Soltage™ PowerStation capture and convert the sun's electrons into direct current (DC) electricity.

Inverter & Monitor Direct current (DC) electricity generated by the PowerStation is fed into the Inverter, where it is conditioned into high quality alternating current (AC) electricity. This electricity is identical to that which is supplied by the utility grid.

Meter This device measures the amount of electricity supplied to a client. Soltage clients have two meters one from the utility and one from Soltage - and these serve as the point of connection between the client demand, the Soltage™ PowerStation, and the utility grid.

A Soltage™ PowerStation is an economic and intelligent strategy that allows businesses, schools, and municipalities across the country to unlock profits from their solar resources. During a relationship with Soltage, experienced professionals manage all aspects of scoping, engineering, procurement, preparation, installation and maintenance of the PowerStation.

  1. The Soltage™ PowerStation creates electricity.

    The PowerStation converts the sun's energy into electricity. With no moving parts, no fuel inputs, no pollutants, no noise, and no additional costs the Soltage™ PowerStation is a simple and cost effective addition to structures across the US.

  2. Electricity is fed into the client's electrical system.

    The electricity from the PowerStation is directed into the client's existing electrical systems to meet energy demand at any given time. When the supply of energy from the PowerStation exceeds client demand, the excess electricity is sold back to the utility grid at retail rates and credited to the client's bill. When the demand by the client is greater than what the Soltage™ PowerStation supplies, the additional energy is seamlessly drawn from the utility grid.

  3. Client purchases solar electricity generated from the system at a fixed rate.

    Soltage clients enjoy the ROI benefits from Day One without needing to deploy additional capital or burden the balance sheet. By purchasing electricity from Soltage, clients are able to eliminate the risk of rising electricity costs through stabilized energy prices.

  4. Soltage monitors and maintains all aspects of the Soltage™ PowerStation.

    Though Soltage™ PowerStations are designed with a 40+ year operational life, proper maintenance and service are critical to keep power production at peak levels. Soltage monitors the productivity and output of the PowerStation in real-time, 24 hours a day, with service crews standing by for scheduled maintenance and to attend to any discrete events.

  5. Better decision making through information.

    Soltage clients are provided with interactive web-based views demonstrating solar electricity consumed and used, as well as emissions offset by the PowerStation.



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Silicon, the primary building block of solar panels, is the second most abundant element in the earth's mantle.