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Soltage™ PowerStations are empowing businesses to control their energy costs proactively and professionally.

Sikorsky Aircraft - United Technologies Corp (NYSE: UTX)

Stratford, Connecticut Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a world leader in helicopter design, manufacture and service partnered with Soltage, who constructed, owns, and operates a Soltage™ PowerStation on the roof of their new engineering building. The solar array consists of 450 roof-mounted Kyocera solar modules and a PV Powered™ inverter that will generate 106,250 kilowatt hours annually of clean renewable energy. “This was an easy decision for us because the environmental and financial benefits are so compelling,” said Sikorsky President Jeffrey P. Pino. David Eherts, vice president of Environment, Health & Safety and Chief Safety Officer for Sikorsky, said, “We’re proud to team with Soltage under a model that can be applied to our other facilities as we further our environmental efficiency goals. We selected Soltage because of their innovative approach and ability to work within Sikorsky’s stringent safety, security and engineering requirements.” The Soltage™ PowerStation was supported in part by a $253,515 grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. Sikorsky visitors can view the live solar production on a display unit in the lobby. Sikorsky energy managers can access detail energy and economic performance reports through their secure login.

See what Sikorsky Aircraft visitors view in the lobby (best viewed during sunny hours).

Imperial Solar Energy Center South - Solar Farm

Imperial Valley, California Soltage consulted on the design, capacity testing, and commissioning approach for the Imperial Solar Energy Center South solar farm being developed in Imperial County, California by Tenaska Solar Ventures, the solar energy affiliate of Tenaska. This photovoltaic project will have a capacity of approximately 130 megawatts of clean renewable power. During construction it is expected to create approximately 250 jobs at peak construction. When operating at peak times, it will produce enough electricity to meet the needs of at least 44,000 California homes. The electricity produced by the project will be sold under a 25-year power purchase agreement with San Diego Gas & Electric.

Learn more abut Imperial Solar Energy Center South

Pilgrim Furniture City

Milford, Connecticut Pilgrim Furniture City partnered with Soltage under a power purchase agreement. The 341.6 DC (STC) fixed array solar system Soltage owns on its roof produces 374,170 kWh per year, or approximately 80% of the building's energy needs. Pilgrim simply purchases the electricity generated from the system. The installation uses SunPower panels that are mounted with a non-penetrating ballast system. Two Satcon inverters convert the power from DC to AC for the building's use. The project received a grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund to partially subsidize the cost of the system. Pilgrim's customers and the public can watch the real time production on a flat panel display while they shop in the store, and the building owner can see historic and current savings through a secure login.

See what Pilgrim's customer's see in the store (best viewed during sunny hours).

Mazza Demolition & Recycling

Tinton Falls, New Jersey Mazza, a recycling facility looking to control future energy rate increases, signed a power purchase agreement with Soltage for a roof-top solar installation. The 281kW DC (STC) fixed array Soltage™ PowerStation is attached to its sloped metal standing seam roof and produces over 315,230 kWh annually. The Powerstation includes Kyocera panels mounted in a non-penetrating racking system and is connected to the building's electrical systems by a Xantrex inverter. The PV system has a real-time monitoring system and an educational display located in the lobby for public education.

See current solar generation from the Soltage™ PowerStation(best viewed during sunny hours).

Appliance Dealers Cooperative

Monroe Twp, New Jersey ADC, a regional cooperative buying group with 154 members across six states, stabilized its energy costs by entering into a power purchase agreement with Soltage for a roof-top solar installation. The 633kW DC (STC) fixed array solar system produces 714,190 kWh annually. After ADC completed lighting and electrical retrofits to minimize its energy consumption, the Soltage™ PowerStation provides 80% of the buildings power. The system uses a Satcon inverter and Evergreen panels that are mounted using a non-penetrating ballast system. Appliance Dealers Cooperative can view the real time and historic production and savings over the internet.

What portion of ADC's power needs are coming from solar this instant? Find out here.

St Lukes Lifeworks

Stamford, Connecticut St Lukes Lifeworks, a health services organization providing emergency housing and services for those living with HIV/AIDs switched to predictable power through a fifteen year Soltage ™ Services Agreement. As a health care facility, reliability and consistency of power is crucial and Soltage engineers ensured that there was zero power interruption during construction and operation. Working with Soltage as a third party owner of the system gave St Lukes Lifeworks access to low-priced electricity in part from federal incentives that were otherwise unavailable to them as a nonprofit. The system consists of 488 high efficiency SunPower modules to maximize the production on the urban rooftop. It connects to the building energy system through a Satcon PowerGate inverter that converts the DC power to AC. The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund provided a grant of $542,847 in support of the capital costs. St Lukes Lifeworks’ patients and their visitors can watch the production of the facility on a interactive display in the lobby.

See what the system is producing right now (best viewed during daylight hours).

Brownfields to Brighfields

Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania Soltage, in partnership with Flexera, developed, owned, and sold three solar farm projects in the former coal mining areas of rural Schuylkill County. The solar arrays, 12 MW in aggregate, will provide a new revenue source to economically disadvantaged townships and will provide approximately 13.2 million kilowatt-hours of reliable peak power to the benefit of surrounding communities and businesses. The solar generation projects are supported in part by grants secured from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development secured by Soltage and its partners.

WP Properties

Denville, NJ WP Properties, a real estate group with retail, office and manufacturing holdings throughout New Jersey shifted its energy procurement approach to onsite generation. Following the commissioning of a 370 kW DC (STC) solar array, WP Properties now purchases the majority of its electricity at substantial savings from the solar array on its rooftop consisting of 1500 Conergy solar modules and two Satcon inverters installed by RPI. On an annual basis the system offsets 1,560,000 lbs of carbon dioxide and generates enough electricity to supply the equivalent of 175 homes with electricity. Soltage developed and secured investment for the system.



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