Harness the Power of the Sun - We combine the best in finance, technology, and infrastructure management expertise to deliver a superior energy solution that drives energy costs down and environmental performance up.

Harness the Power of the Sun

We combine the best in finance, technology, and infrastructure management expertise to deliver a superior energy solution that drives energy costs down and environmental performance up.

Electricity is often referred to as the last unmanaged business cost – with energy consumers having very little control over the electricity prices that they pay and the generation sources that power their operations. Soltage dramatically changes that dynamic, offering our clients renewable energy that is both cleaner and cheaper than electricity purchased from utilities.

The benefits of solar powered electricity can be addressed from three critical perspectives:


Through a Solar™ Services Agreement clients are able to:

  • lock in long term energy cost at favorable rates – manage and forecast long term electricity costs
  • exercise a hedge against future energy market volatility


Through hosting of on-site electricity generation, clients are:

  • enabling domestic energy production
  • supporting job creation and industry growth
  • reducing demand on the utility electrical grid which leads to overall higher regional grid stability


By supporting the generation of electricity through solar, clients are utilizing electricity from a source that has:

  • no ongoing fuel requirements
  • makes no noise
  • discharges no pollutants for its 40+ years of operational life

Cost Savings

Domestic electricity costs have risen steadily for the past 50 years. Economic drivers such as resource scarcity, geopolitical instability, transmission congestion, socio-environmental related legislation, permitting difficulties for traditional energy generation stations, and an overall increasing energy demand function support projections for further cost increases into the future. By locking in today’s rates for future electricity costs clients see their cumulative savings increase over the lifespan of their Soltage™ Service Agreement.

Projected Energy Rates over the next 15 years - Gain control of the energy game. Soltage helps you bypass high and rising utility rates by harnessing the power of the sun through predictable costs.

Buy Energy not Assets

Clients are interested in purchasing clean and inexpensive electricity – not adding assets to their balance sheet that are not aligned with core business operations. By financing the system, managing all aspects of development, and then bearing all long term service and operations liability, Soltage allows our clients to continue devoting 100% of their resources to their core operational goals while at the same time realizing the many practical benefits of renewable energy.

Domestic Energy Production

By signing up with Soltage our clients demonstrate a commitment to US based clean energy production. The United States has a wealth of untapped energy resources in the form of stable solar resources and strong regional wind regimes. Through a relationship with Soltage businesses, schools, and municipalities take meaningful steps to support US based energy production.

Environmentally Beneficial

Local, regional, and global concerns emerging from our historical methods of energy procurement and consumption have been widely supported by the global scientific community and governments. It is clear that a balanced global development into the future will need to rationalize our need for large quantities of energy with the addition of renewable production into our generation portfolio.

Product Differentiation

Many Soltage clients work in highly competitive, mature markets where opportunities for product differentiation are few. By producing products through use of the sun’s energy, clients are able to convey to their clientele that they are proactive regarding all aspects of their operations.

Energy Cost Stability

Unlike traditional energy generation sources, fuel input costs for solar are fixed. Soltage passes along this security through its stabilized energy pricing, allowing customers to plan their expenditures for years.

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With an energy purchase relationship with Soltage, our clients are able to make smart electricity management decisions and demonstrate a practical commitment to social and environmental goals while paying nothing up front -- no equipment costs, no installations costs, no maintenance costs, period. Learn more »



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